Libido in Women, The Influence of Soy, Processed Foods and Carbohydrates on Female Libido

Female Libido: After this preliminary analysis of the silhouettes, we already have a certain starting point. Of course, it must not be forgotten that this is only an approximate assumption. Very imprecise and very uncertain. A specialist would have to make a thorough analysis and support it with special tests. Unfortunately. Next will be even harder. However, let’s try to point out some guidelines that help in the arrangement of the diet improving the female libido. Every such diet must assume the regulation of hormonal management.

It would be best to eliminate all processed foods from food. In practice, however, this is not always possible. Food in stores is far from natural, and we often do not have much choice in this area. I advise you to avoid soy at all costs. Even for this reason, you should buy meat instead of cold cuts, which more often contain soy protein.

Let’s start with carbohydrates. We can generally assume that their excess causes weight gain. In the context of the topic discussed, that is, the female libido, large amounts of carbohydrates for each type will work inhibiting. However, we have a trap here. Excessive carbohydrate restriction, as proposed in recently popular low-carbohydrate diets, is not recommended for everyone. Usually too low supply of this macronutrient leads to a drop in energy. The brain gets too few sugars (and exactly glucose) and it works worse. I have already mentioned that in women libido is strongly associated with the psyche, and thus with the efficiency of the nervous system. If the central nervous system, in other words the brain, works worse, it is difficult to expect strong orgasms.

The level of insulin secretion drops, which is good to some extent. Usually, fatty tissue is also reduced. However, the sensitivity to carbohydrates increases, so in the case of a sudden increase in their supply, a significant weight gain may occur after a few days.

We can have a bigger problem with the thyroid gland. The very low supply of carbohydrates reduces the level of hormones T3 and T4 secreted by it. They are responsible for the regulation of metabolism and the correct functioning of many organs. Among other things, hearts. Too little of these hormones are also reflected in the work of the nervous system. In the long run it can lead to weight gain. Contrary to appearances, excessive restriction of carbohydrates for a longer period of time, in some people will give the same adverse effects in the form of fat accumulation, such as excess of this ingredient.

What about libido? Low thyroid hormone levels cause weakness and drowsiness. It reaches a state of permanent fatigue. It is known that when someone is constantly tired, there is not much desire for sex. That is why we must remember to skillfully regulate the supply of carbohydrates. There should not be many of them, but it cannot be missing in food. Especially in the morning. If we exercise, carbohydrate meals should be eaten before and after training. Otherwise, we risk that the body will start producing large amounts of cortisol.

The Impact of Protein inĀ Female Libido

Most women sin to eat too little protein. This results not only in a decrease in libido, disruption of the hormone economy, but also in the weakening of the skeleton and even many dermatological diseases. For this we can also add problems with hair.

To avoid these problems, more amounts of animal proteins are needed. I noticed that unfortunately most of the ladies do not like meat. I will not discuss whether this is the result of real delight, or rather the result of many years of intrusive propaganda of vegetarianism, which, incidentally, has no scientific basis. It’s hard. If so, milk products remain. The problem is that UHT milk commonly available is not worth much in this respect. Working at high temperature proteins lose their biological properties. It is best to have access to natural milk. Recently, we have had so-called my comates and it is worth using them. Added to this are cheese. Rather oily than lean. Do not be afraid of fat! Without him, there will be no high libido! More on this topic in a moment.

I will write to you, Ladies and Gentlemen, that I do not have a good opinion about the yoghurts available on our market. They should have specific strains of bacteria, but well. It seems that the bacteria do not know anything about the fact that they should be there! It is currently one of the most artificial products!

Eggs are an excellent hormonal regulator and source of protein. Many authorities recognize them as the optimal food for humans. The most useful are raw, but it is known that salmonella poisoning is easy. In total, in recent months, I advised against eating raw eggs, However, recently I decided to take a chance once again. I put the eggs in a pot, pour boiling water, then pour it into the cup and after drinking I drink. So far everything is fine. I know that not everyone likes raw eggs. So you can eat soft-boiled.

Thanks to the composition of minerals, vitamins and amino acids, eggs have a beneficial effect on libido in any case. Large amounts of proteins in food contribute to the increased nitrogen balance, this translates into the production of nitric oxide, and this is the strongest neurotransmitter increasing sexual arousal in both men and women.

The Influence of Fat on Female Libido

Fat is another important ingredient of food. Without it, there will be no strong increase in libido. It’s just that we have to regulate its amount very carefully. Generally, it contributes to an increase in estrogen levels. For this reason, ladies with a predominance of progesterone can afford more fat. We’re talking about animal fats. Butter is still irreplaceable. Do not believe in fairy tales with bad fats and cholesterol.

The situation is slightly different with women who have an advantage of estrogen. In this case, the supply of fat must be lower, but it cannot be completely reduced, because at the same time the production of this hormone will drop too much, and this will definitely affect the libido and all health. Slightly less estrogen will activate progesterone and lead to balance, and this should allow you to feel more orgasms.

The most troublesome case will be excess testosterone. We are not talking about quantities that require medical attention but light overproduction. In this case, it may happen that proteins and fats will be used to produce testosterone instead of estrogen. How to remedy this? The supply of fat must be moderate and after each meal you should drink a portion of peppermint!

This is not everything, of course. Soon, further diet tips to help adjust the female libido.

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